Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Also known as Jackass/Bawdibooch
Statutory Warning: Content of this article is not fictitious and it bears striking resemblance to incidences which have occurred in colleges.

College Starts>> Director's Speech, "waah! kya bat hai!"

After 1 week>> (Beginning of a new era?)... Thanks to your Worthy seniors who are teaching you some really exciting and mature words to add to your vocabulary (Who needs Word Power Made Easy now?).

After 1 Month>>(College Life seems pretty cool eh?)....Time to be a a man! (yeah!), You're now ready to participate in a very manly competition - To finish off maximum numbers of 'suttas'in minimum time...Whatever it takes..You fight it out and emerge victorious..although at the end of the fight , you lost control of your nervous system..What??.. Yes!, And have ended up having a leaking disaster(Mutravisarjan in pants), what they call 'pee'-ing your way to the glory.

After 2.5 Months (Mid-Sem Break)>> (So Good to be back at home).... You meet your neighbors and tell them what it takes to get into a college which has a national status, This "national" word does spin a wonder when all of a sudden, a moron pops up - "How Did you arrange that much?", "What 'that much'?","The Donation, they must have demanded really huge!", Now folks,I would rather not comment on that one!...'A National Donation'(Gimme a break!!)

After 2 years>> (Training Time? farzi certi de denge!) Okay, For those who go for quality vocational training and guess what?.... You (Me too) go 'fultoo frustoo' for those female employees(Happens when you roam outside NIT and realize that ladke and ladkiyan are different species :D ),You'll see them and
have fairy tale dreams about them but 'rahoge goonge hee' cause you are still a 'baby' for them (apne se badi ladkiyan sabko pasand ati hai).

After 1 week of Summer Training>>(Time to crush your crush!) You are quite happy in your vacation and training until you find out that the girl who topped your charts has a boyfriend there itself, but how?? he is so gay!!!!(That's what's I call Frustration Overload!)
Back at your Workstation-> While You are still crying, one of your moronic friend doing his training in korea sends you an instant message "These chinki pinki are constantly looking at me...yar ek bat to samjh lee, kahin bhi jao, foreigners kee har jagah value hoti hai".

End of Summer Vacations>> (Class over, Waiting for the next teacher to arrive) Suddenly, You discover there's one special category of morons too ...Is it?...Yea..who love to roam around in the corridors and capture snaps of the chicks sitting in the class, just because they're short of cellphone wallpapers, Ahoy! Its NITK's very own Paparazzi!

During Preparatory Leave>> One of your friend starts posting some status updates on facebook which reads "I love a naughty boy and he also loves me for that", "mai deewana hun kacchi kaliyo ka", "Any NITK Hottie for mr.naughty?", But the comments
that follow his updates are something like this "WTF?"

End Semesters>>(Ohh! Abhi toh sem shuru hua tha!) Some of us won't study at all and few of us are 'born-to-forget-everything-in-exam'(My case) , So we have to rely on'farra' or 'micro'(No option!) , Sometimes you carry bundles of micros but have no
clue at all about the subject and so you are bound to ask (making a face as if you need to go to the toilet immediately) "Please koi micro mei page no. bata do, Please jaldi !"

Hmmm....So, Next time you notice something weird, My suggestion would be ....... IGNORE IT! It's Normal :D
P.S. This article has already been published in CONVERSE - The unofficial magazine of NIT Kurukshetra, The only difference is here I've segmented the whole article and cropped a few points.


Anonymous said...

xtremely well etched scientific humor!keep going!!!rashmi

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Apy said...

Thank You!

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gud wrk.. itna achcha article.. converse to achchi mag maloom hoti hai.. itne achche achche article chapte hain ismain.. ye to sabko khareedni chahiye...

Apy said...

Ye kya kar rhe ho....aap ne toh CONVERSE ki publicity shuru kardi

akshay said...

amazing yr......very nice article..must read for NITK morons!!!!!!

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kitna accha likha hua chittha hai...

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