Sunday, December 28, 2008

Into The Wild

It's all settled. the way it should
Everyone around seems so happy, You think life's good.
Deep down under boggling in the pool of thoughts
A voice reverberates, asking you "Have you hit all your shots?"

To the world's surprise am not happy and I don't want to be
For the gloom always sustaining near me, Life's a lock without any key.
The gasping audience are constrained to think "Is this the dilemma on screwing his GPA?"
I am afraid that's wrong! Okay so may be he's caught in the wrong branch?

This time they're close but still not close enough
Running alone in this career-hunt has always been so tough.
True, I chose to be what I am, For that lies a simple reason
I proved something which made my parents proud of their son.

All in these lazy days, The breeze seems so fine
Moment you see kids shouting MBA, Everything in your head goes out of the line.
There isn't any drama, There isn't any emotion
The monotonous life has rather remained restrained from motion.

I don't want to fight, I don't want to fly
Like every other freak, for a mere invention of 20th century I don't ever wish to cry.
All i want to do is zing out of this tacky web
Somewhere out of the box, Somewhere into the wild.

It's like finding solace, Unlocking your imagination
It's a dreamer's paradise, Where beauty scintillates beckoning fascination.
Drizzling the expression, Happiness redefines fashion
So long deluged in world's illusion, With eyes closed I saw my passion.

The attraction is fatal, Hopes are mild
All I want to do is run .... into the wild.
P.S. -> The invention of 20th century refers to - 'career' , in this poem.
This is dedicated to one in 100 engineering students who have the same situation as mine.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Shy and The Sizzler

So on this very fine day when I was standing at the Kashmere Gate Metro station waiting for the next train to arrive, For a moment suddenly it felt like an aura or something. In the next second that aura had disappeared. The train came by, With extra pressure I managed to get in.

Now to my surprise i finally found those streaks of the mysterious aura, It was from a girl. Now this makes me wonder that how many countless , finely tuned delhi chicks i have seen so far roaming around like robots, But why on earth, am I considering this girl to be real? She saw me and all of a sudden I started feeling jittery. "Oh Gosh!" I said while moving my eyeballs away from her in a hurry at some other place in train. Looks like she heard it.

Phew! that was close but Why am I shying? There's no reason to be, so what's going on ? She was all fine, sitting with those sandals matching her dress ,while I was standing and had my knees shaking . Man, I when saw her again, she was still staring at me. In a flash I started listening to my i-pod not even aware that which song was being played. I continued searching my play-list without even concentrating, I could figure out she was still looking at me. Maybe she would have figured that something was wrong with me. I have to tell you that in all these 4 years - from the day i bought my ipod - this was the day when I was giving it so much importance... lol!
The train did finally reached the destination, while i was still searching for 'some song'. She now had this grin on her face, She had caught me in the act of shying away like a brand new bride. The doors opened, Oxygen filled back into my lungs.

On halfway round I turned back while unplugging my headphones. Her glimpse fell again on me, Only this time I didn't shy away..Maybe because her bold impact pumped up some air in me.
She started laughing and so did I. Then she looked around and pointed to a name - *****, Went ahead and posed with a poster of deepika padukone besides her. I was a bit confused at this whole mime. Anyways, smiles all over as our eyes waved goodbye.

Few days later none other than Orkut helped me to search for her. I found her with same name with the same pic of deepika she posed. Now, this might solve this unsolved mystery but what happened still remains as history.
No prizes for guessing who was shy and who was sizzling all throughout. Pretty embarrassing for a guy but it had to be like this. But hey, keep waiting the story 's not yet over.....
Fast-forward >> No flirting for me pls. Respect the girl don't 'crush' her whenever you feel so. Datz it cya in 2nd part of da story :)