Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My college.. My Words..

The era begins, The stage is set
With no further margins left.
But something happens and the dreams fade
Eyes get open, a sound is made,
"NITK you still game?"

This is what i am
This is where i belong.
See the fountains, Feel proud
For a look inside, Don't ask me now.

Gal o Gal, You have a right attitude,
With this awesome his/her ratio, You're 'the reigning queen'
For all your hard work and journey till here, Dudes are bound to be keen.
Played down by the 'hunters', unaware you still continue to shine
Why don't you all just try and get a pointer under nine?

The Jerks, Yo! how can i forget you?
It's your shit that's dancing everywhere except the good old loo.
Why don't you know how to mind your own damn business?
Oh Yeah! You rock ,the reason? even a worthy freak can guess.

Played down in this battle for struggle, Here i stand still
This is the real world, if you survive then better go kill.
If you don't know me then you'll know me now
Hate me , Hit me but remember i don't give a damn!

P.S. I love my college then too coz it has made me an awesome technician.

The Conversation Starts

So, listed below are my words...of you feel like reading it then go ahead or move to my orkut album if you get bored. Simple!