Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Shy and The Sizzler-- Part-II

I never found out that girl on orkut, she deleted her account may be, anyways good for me. Went again to delhi and this time with pals,
Arrived at Rajiv chowk metro station,We were roaming around Connought Place, my friends were busy watching chick'ens' standing outside KFC chicken spot.
Meanwhile I went to a book shop,And far away, I saw that same girl again, Call this coincidence or whatever but she was there.
I moved out and went after her without knowing anything, She boarded into a metro as expected, I played smart on my friends, left them and followed her. Wait!...How could I do that?..silly me!, Okay will look into this matter afterward.
I didn't knew where she had disappeared, So I started moving forward, inside the metro train,and at last i found her sitting...What? I found her?, What to do now?
Now.... once more, yeah! for one more time... the same situation kicks off ...'There you go again' her glance fell on me, But this time I had no ' Ipod ', Within a fraction of second she says 'Hi'

Me: Hi...Actually err.. i don't really know what to say, i mean..after all that..
She: Oye chill...Why do you always keep on fumbling dude...Konse college se ho?
Me: NITK..I think u must have not heard of ...
She: Ohh! NIT? But guys from dere aren't as faccha as u?
Me: (Dude! say something, I was thinking for a solid reply): You know guys pretty well it seems huh?
She: So, Mr.Ipod finally comes out of the box!

We were both laughing as the train stopped at the last destination which was Rithala. She was constantly chattering and I was just smiling, thinking of what to say. Suddenly someone comes up to her and she hugs her...Chal beta nikal le yahan se aa gya iska boyfriend. I was about to turn as she introduces me to him as Mr.IPOD...(what a messup), He starts laughing and then she says to me "Meet my friend Aman".

Now I don't think I need to tell you what my reaction was, do I? "Friend...Ohh! she said friend yes she said friend"...I was just saved from a very disasterous situation even though I wasn't hitting on her. Chalo...isko bye bye bolo aur nikalo . She says come let's go to adv. island Aman wants to visit as well.
Now i remembered "Oh Crap! My friends?" But it turned out they were too smart, They were following me and gathered around us in a few minutes.
After a breif intro. they knew what type of situation was created there...So inside adv. island, They kept Aman busy while Miss Sizzler was talking talking and talking to me without even knowing where his friend Aman was.. as if she never knew he was with us. Miss Sizzler talking and Mr. Shy or Mr.Ipod whatever you call me still thinking what's going on?

Climax- You will be knocked off when you'll hear the climax of this shy and sizzling tale, You have to ask me if you wanna know......There's a big twist!