Thursday, April 23, 2009

Victory..... My Love


Hard work's a river
Oh! don't make me shiver
Enough's not enough
keep hitting .. am too tough

Folks I present to you all those results which every now and then made me utter...."ohh! fir kat gya!"

Rank:5 -- Event: Business Plan -- Fest: Phoenix '09
A judge comes up from the electrical department and awards the prize to an electrical product plan.. simple! He doesn't understands the concept, neither the demand. MOREOVER,he says "where are the references?, It's impossible that this idea came up directly into your mind without searching"... I must say WOW! It's impossible to create something on your own unless you search the net that's what he meant. Bullshit!
Result: Nothing....sigh!

Rank:4 -- Event: Techphoria-A working model contest -- Fest: Powerfest '08 (Jan)
This was the event when I was fooled for the first time in the college and then I got used to the situation.
The model worked all day long but in front of the judge it failed..Moreover judge says i don't want new concept and ideas, i need only circuits...What to say
Result: Nothing

Rank:3 -- Event: Electrovista- Electrical presentation -- Fest: Powerfest '08 (Nov)
Indeed a powerful performance at powerfest this time, everything rocked from presenting to answering the judges, concepts were brushed up and we were shining like stars, until one of the judges who has nothing to say suddenly pops up "You have copied this from somewhere" , Now what to say...
Result: Ready for something surprising now?...............Nothing (Disqualified) as if u xpected something else!

Rank:2 -- Event: Twisted Movie -- Fest: Confluence '08
A hilarious play....driving the audience wild , competitors jealous and mentors on their foot, Banned in the middle for so called 'Obscenity', Made me crazy enough to crack a chair. Giving blows to the final yea rites, But disappointment for everyone else.....alas!
Result: Disqualified

Rank:1 -- Event: Ace Ventura Bplan -- Fest: Literati '09
That's the one which is fresh and am disappointed big time because of this....This had to be mine, Unique idea, Incredible profit, Nice presentation, explaining the audience all the essence of the plan unlike some of the other boring presentations and monotonous ideas. Result comes up after 40 mins...what the hell were they doing after the judges gave them the score? Were they discussing the results to award their loved ones?
Result: Nothing.....Reason( as given by the mentor)- You were dramatic....huh! weird reason and i was again like.... OHH! FIR KAT GYA!

Did I commit a sin?
Why is it so that am still looking for a win?
I live for you, I stand for you....
Only you....Victory...My love!

Honorable mentions: Junkyard wars and Contraption- Literati '08 , Chaos on stage in Twisted movie- Conflu '09 , Certi chaos in Bplan- Surge '08

P.S. Apart from all this, Don't forget my ongoing struggle with pointers.... Hmm pretty much depressing but living to the extreme and still considered to be a good competition.


Pradeep Bhatt said...

welcome to the world of NIT KKR...the above is a poor chap who has been scrutinized, 99% of the times by the college and rest assured, the remaining 1% is the result of his own sins.
any how, however humorous, LOL shit jokes it may sound to be...(yes people life is a bitch here) you cannot help thinking about the fact the there ain't no way to beat, fool, trip the system and the not-so-easy-to-digest turn of events are going to be a pain (you know where) always. So raise your hand, ask them to read between the lines and make your own rules.
the dream of riding out here singing 'take me down to the paradise city' ain't dead yet...

Apy said...

Wow! Thanks a lot buddy!

Praveen said...

Hmm...I don't know about the rest of the events except Ace Ventura....The result sheets are actually signed by the judges...If u felt that there was some Jugaad, u could have demanded to see the sheets yourself...If you want I can talk to the coordinators or even the conveners..

and I didn't see ur presentation (I am sure it must have been good) but the judge actually stumped you in the question answer session :P

Apy said...

Okay...First of all let me make one thing very clear it was not me who felt this jugaad wala thing it was whole bunch of nitians who witnessed ace-ventura. And i am not saying there was some jugaad but the reason given by them for the loss was very weird indeed. As far as seeing the sheet is concerned We demanded it but the coordinator himself denied, There were no doubt 2 result sheets which were seen 1 of judge and 1 of the coordinator himself...the runners up have also confirmed this thing.
I only ask you, is a bplan judged on everything except originality, innovation and practicality?
Next, If you only saw us quiet for some seconds, u assumed us to be, maybe u didn't see the promising answers (the only solution for practical situations) given after he poised the ques.
Thanks for posting and you're mistaken, you were also with me in that rank-2 event ;)

vinay sehra said...

wow....u hv described everything so perfectly and truly....i dont know why some people(like the man who commented) are jealous of it.....

ayushree nandan said...

wow.this was like so seemed as if it was actually poured outta your mind.this was certainly doubt.
this post was one of your best creations.and i feel that whatever you have done till now has not gone waste.hard work never goes've still obtained some nice achievements which is damn difficult for many people.keep going on. you have an adorable talent you know.there is always a 'tomorrow'.:)
<3 ayushree.

sudhir kekre said...

Nice blog. keep it up. liked the shy and sizzler post

Sourav !!! said...

The title itself is too attractive. And its OK dude, we being in the 3rd world, must be ready to take this "Jugaad" much more seriously thn our education an anything else, work on it !! :P

All the best ... prepare well for the next one, obviously with some handy jugaad and makkhan !!

Prmotion of my websites now, I'm sure u'd visit atleast one of them and leave some Jugaad'ed comments too :D
(its about me and my life, unedited!)
(Site made to earn more from Google) :D

triton said...

i understand how it feels coz ive gone through the same thing- have been to iit chennai fest-2 times(no result), iit delhi( no result)... after this got sick of competing, go to fests only to bunk college:)

triton said...

sorry previous post is iit mumbai fest instead of iit delhi*